MAGMA - Notching saw with two blades


Notching saw for mullion and transom combinations

Vertical sawing unit Ø 600 mm

Horizontal sawing unit Ø 500 mm

Height adjustment of the sawing unit by hand

wheel with digital display

Depth stop adjustable by numerical display

Tilting adjustment of the sawing unit with digital display

Sliding of the supporting table on linear guides

Vertical and horizontal clamping



2x self braking motors 3kw each at 2800 r.p.m

Hydro-pneumatic saw feed max. stroke 970 mm

Vertical sawing unit:

pivoting 45° outward, 60° inwards

Horizontal sawing unit: tilting from + 60° to – 60°

Pivoting angle fence 30°-90°-30°

2xautomatic lubrication set (venturi)

Horizontal blade Ø 500 mm

Vertical blade Ø 600 mm

Max.cutting width at 90°: 300 mm

Max.cutting width at 45°: 190 mm

Max.cutting width at 30°: 100 mm

Max.heigth of the Pc. To be cutted 280 mm

– Max – cutting depth at 90°

Horizontal 185 mm

Vertical 235 mm

– Max – cutting depth at 45°

Horizontal 185 mm

Vertical 235 mm

– Max – cutting depth at 30°

Horizontal 130 mm

Vertical 235 mm


Laser for cutting lines

TCT Saw Blade Ø500mm

TCT Saw Blade Ø600mm

Automatic adjustment of the horizontal and vertical saw blades for angle cutting, as well for height adjustment and notching dept. (A-RV)


1x TCT Saw blade Ø600mm
1x TCT Saw blade Ø500mm
Air filter
Air gun



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