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Automatic twin head welder „WM2LV“ – TOTAL NET: € 10.000,00

BY IN Werbeaktionen An 17/02/2020


Automatic twin head welder with movable unit (on the right), manual movement and sliding on linear guides with ball runners. Pneumatic mobile head lock with automatic release at the end of  the working cycle for easy welded piece removal. Programmed and controled by Touch Scheen for timing and checking the fusion times, welding time, plate temperature, blade temperature, program settings by profile type and section for fast work parameters settings. 90° angle welding on fixed head, variable welding from 30° to 180° on mobile head. Extremely versatile with easy access to all parts requiring controls and adjustment. Fully automatic working cycle, electronically managed by the PLC. All machine movements are on ball runners on precision linear guides. Heated steel edge limiter blades adjustable from 2mm to 0,2mm for welding standard profile or with acrylic lining (white and coloured). Low pressure powered lock pressure platens for maximum operator safety with the possibility to repeating profile lock in case of incorrect positioning. Counter profile and Teflon quick change systems allows easy and fast profile changing.

WM2LV, complete with:

Touch screen for all the settings

Fully automatic weldind cycle

Couple of support arms

Kit of most useful spare parts

TOTAL NET: € 10.000,00


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